Tuesday, 21 April 2009



OH to be a neutral.

Because, for the neutrals, that was undoubtedly the game of the season - eight goals, world class forward play and Terry Fuckwit defending. A real nailbiter.

For Liverpool fans, it was a heart breaker. Entertaining of course, but I'd have settled for a 1-0 with the winner bouncing in off Jamie Carragher's arse.

It's disappointing not to have taken all three points but you've got to credit Arsenal, curse our luck (why did every chance they had fall to Arshavin?) and continue to hope and pray.

Oh, and look on the bright side - coming back from a losing position three times takes some doing. And we're top. Nearly forgot that bit.

I believe there'll be more twists and turns yet. But whatever happens, whether we win the thing or not, the future's bright.

I was thinking about this before the match, largely due to a conversation earlier in the day with a Man U fan.

I took great delight in pointing out that when Fergie calls it a day - anytime soon, you'd guess (hope, pray) - there is no natural successor for the bacon-faced Scot.

And whoever comes in will find it difficult to follow in his footsteps, will have his own ideas and will put United into, at best, a period of 'flux'.

Meanwhile, we looked poised to pounce. Ready to knock them off their 'fucking perch'.

Look at the squad - Insua (20), Skrtel (24), Torres (25), Agger (25), Mascherano (25), Reina (27), Alonso (27). There's plenty of years left in them yet.

And the older heads - Kuyt, Gerrard, Carragher - they're not going anywhere just yet either.

That's not a bad backbone. And, with his performances this season, Yossi Benayoun can now safely be added to that list (he's 28, in case you were wondering).

So when Fergie's reign ends, providing he's backed in the transfer market, Rafa is ready keep on doing what he's been doing - making us better.

And should we finish second in the Premier League this season - there's only one way to better it.

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Dave Molyneux said...

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game like that before in my life skipper, unbelievable!! Game of the season by far.

Terrible defending by us (Arbeloa & Aurelliho) and it has to be said our players look shattered!! But good on them for coming back the way we did. Superb attitude. Yossi was brilliant last night. MOM by a long shot.

I admire your optimism skipper, and we gave it a good crack, but it’s just not to be this year and we should be extremely proud of that as at least we can now consider ourselves to be genuine title contenders. Unlucky lads, heads up. Can’t see the rapists losing 2 games now so, sad to say its game over.

I think we need a few world class players in the summer to strengthen our squad as I hate to say this, but we don’t have enough quality to come off the bench compared to other teams.

Sadly this means another year of Taggart’s moaning, ‘mind games’ and all round cheating bullshit!!! Great

Cue: celebrations at sky, the mirror and other news companies right up the arses of the mancs.

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