Sunday, 19 April 2009


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Dave Molyneux said...

You know what mate? I don’t think I have ever wanted to kick someone to fucking death so much than that old whiskey nosed drunken bitter faced twat in my life!!!
The man is a complete and utter idiot who is losing his marbles. I hope he lives out the rest of his days sitting in the corner of some dingy old nursing home pissing his kex all day and having his arse wiped by some 18 stone heffer care worker !!!
Also if he wants to talk about respect maybe he should start by playing a full squad instead of the bunch of dogwank kids he did yesterday. I take sthe piss out of the FA cup and takes the piss out of Moyes (whose cock he was probably sucking before the game no doubt)
Him and fat head Allardyce should just fuck off for a caravanning weekend somewhere and burst the arse off each other!!

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