Monday, 27 April 2009


SOME things just don't seem meant to be.

And as hard as it is to say, Liverpool FC Premier League Champions 2009 seems like being one of them.

We're in a great position of course, and it's still a possibility. But things just aren't falling into place are they? We're not getting that bit of luck, that helping hand from other teams.

And Man United, as badly as they have been playing, are still winning (with a little help from Howard Webb).

Not only that, did you see Arshavin's performance for Arsenal at the weekend? Whereas everything he hit at Anfield nestled in the back of Pepe Reina's net, everything from his boot flew into the stands against Boro. Typical.

He even managed an air shot. Just one of them the other night and we'd be two points better off.

But we've got to crack on. I can see the Reds going on to win all four of their remaining games and that will secure second at least.

That's no mean feat. Neither is beating the Mancs and Chelsea home and away, genuinely rattling Fergie and showing we can shake off the shackles and bury a team when they are there for the taking - even without Torres and Gerrard.

Our amazing run of goals (32 in the last 10 games!) is the biggest reason to be cheerful.

For a long time that was the big criticism of Benitez's Liverpool teams - too defensive, boring even.

Well not any more. And the result at Hull was another positive - proof that we can win in difficult conditions, while not playing our best, against a team of battlers.

Because it's that of course that has cost us this season. The draws with Wigan, Stoke and Hull earlier in the season.

Annoying, but true. But one thing's for sure, these teams will not be getting an easy ride next season.

I expect us to force the issue from day one. And who knows?

Perhaps Old Trafford will become the top four stadium where teams start fancying their chances - there's certainly evidence of that already.

And a bit of help from the ref wouldn't go amiss. Should of gone to Specsavers, Howard.

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Dave Molyneux said...

Some brilliant points there skipper

That penalty for the rapists on Saturday was an absolute fucking disgrace mate!!! I actually felt sick when they got that as there was only ever gonna be one result after that

Finishing 2nd now though is nothing to be down about though mate, still had a superb season beating Chelsea & the rapists twice and we’ve only lost 2 games all season

Maybe next year eh Skipper?

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