Friday, 2 April 2010

Liverpool pipped in Portugal - that's manna for the moaners

Football - Benfica v Liverpool UEFA Europa League Quarter Final First Leg

MOANING - some people just love it, don't they?

Forget facts, ignore evidence and cobblers to circumstance, some fans will moan  - no matter what.

Throw in a bit of blame, find a nice scapegoat, and 'happy' days, that's one little contented moaner you've got right there.

Take the Sunderland game. After a car crash of a season at Anfield, an enjoyable, attacking performance featuring a goal of the season contender from a fit and firing Fernando Torres would surely be enough to put a smile on even the most negative fan's face, right?

Throw in good performances all over the pitch and Maxi Rodriguez's best game for the club and there were reasons to be cheerful, yes?

Apparently not.

Not for misery arse: booze-fuelled and ranting to anyone who would listen in one of Anfield's most popular after-match drinking establishments.

He would be, the spitting, swaying fan revealed, giving up his seat at Anfield next season if "that f***in' Lucas is still at the club...".

The Brazilian, football's equivalent of Marmite, didn't even play against Steve 'Big Fat Head' Bruce's side. But no matter - misery arse wanted a moan. And he wouldn't let a near faultless performance at Anfield spoil his day.

God knows what said supporter was like tonight.

A quick trawl of the forums (why do I do it to myself?!) revealed the same old sh*te post Benfica.

Apparently, Rafa Benitez should have continued with the shackles off, gung-ho approach that did for Sunderland, according to some.

Well sorry, they might both play at the Stadium of Light, but Benfica are not Sunderland.

They are top scorers and league leaders in Portugal, unbeaten in 25 games before the quarter-final first leg.

So what gives Liverpool the right to think they can turn up in their back yard and play them off the park? Let me guess, 'We are Liverpool..'.

So what? We are Liverpool - but Liverpool have a horrendous away record, Liverpool are much stronger at home and Liverpool have a successful European track record under Benitez of keeping it tight away and winning at Anfield.

Barcelona are arguably the best team in the world right now and turning up and "going for it" didn't work for them at Arsenal, why would it work for Liverpool at Benfica?

The mere fact the Reds lost in Portugal has sent the moan-mad amongst our support into crisis mode again, but why? From where I was sitting - in the office for the record - Liverpool played well enough up to the sending off of Ryan Babel.

They grabbed a good away goal from Daniel Agger - his first for a year - and despite playing with ten men for over an hour, and having to put up with some p*ss-poor refereeing, escaped with a 2-1 defeat, the away goal meaning a 1-0 win at Anfield will be enough to book a semi-final spot.

Comfort should be taken that it will be a different set of officials. A set that recognise swinging your boot like a three-wood at the back of a striker's legs with no attempt to win the ball is a sending off offence.

Forty-thousand Liverpool fans should help the cause, too.

Had Torres scored what a looked an easy chance for him, there would be even less reason to moan...but I'm sure you'd find something, wouldn't you misery-arse?

Here's a thought to finish: next Thursday, for the home leg, why not forget this season? Forget what you think of the manager, Lucas, anyone else you "hate" and SUPPORT the team.

Create an atmosphere, sing, back the team and create the famed Anfield European night that has bamboozled so many other top sides from across the continent.

You never know, you might just enjoy it...

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