Saturday, 27 March 2010

LIVERPOOL FC FANS: Write for Well Red magazine

CHANCES are, if you go on Twitter, Facebook, Liverpool forums, the will have heard me harping on about Well Red, the new Liverpool FC mag.

Well, issue one is done now, it’s been printed and posted out to people who pre-ordered. From Thursday it will in WHSmiths and major newsagents in Merseyside and surrounding area, North Wales and Ireland.

Anyways, onwards and upwards and all that, I’m now planning issue two…

One of the things I’m aiming for is the mag to be a true ‘voice of the fans’  - so I hope to establish a regular team of contributors who are A1 writers (and Reds, of course).

I’ll also be inviting other top Reds who work in journalism to contribute but until they agree to it, not much more to say on that right now.

But I don’t want that to put everyone else off, and so this is my attempt to encourage Reds to send in their rants, opinions etc and so on.

This can be about a player, a manager, a topic, a certain game (your first one, worst one etc), away trips etc etc

If your submission is valid, punchy, well argued or from the heart, then it stands a great chance of making it into a future issue of Well Red.

First though, before you go scurrying off to your keyboards, here’s some guidelines (not set in stone like, so don’t let it stem your fantastic individual style if you have one):

Length: For a one-page article, approx 400-500 words. For two pages, 1,000 tops. Any more than this, let me know in advance what your in-depth report is about, I’m open to ideas…

Less, well if you have **suitable** and copyright-free images I can use, all the better.

Structure: Have a think about your piece before you kick off - think about its beginning, middle and end. Look at how the pros structure their work. Endless ramble and straying too far off topic will confuse (and bore) the reader - and we don’t want that now do we?

In general, suggest an idea, back it up with facts and examples, consider the other side of the story and then come to some kind of conclusion.

Accuracy: Don’t make things up (I don’t want to end up in court…). Check your facts using a reliable source (soccerbase, official site, LFC history etc).

And finally: Dropping me an email - or a tweet - before you go off and write a new Bible is a good idea. Your topic of choice may already have been covered.

Send submissions - ideally as a Word document - to wellredmag (at)