Monday, 5 October 2009


IT APPEARS I might have upset so-called football pundit Stan 'The Man' Collymore.

That's Stan Collymore, the ex-professional footballer, paid to provide us mere fans with his insight into the game he once played and, according to him, knows so much about.

Last week, Collymore in his Daily Mirror column, reeled off the cliched 'Liverpool are a two-man team' line. To which I offered a considered reply: 

"How original. Surely as an ex-professional footballer you could offer some more insight than this Stan?

This boring old 'two-man team' criticism has been bandied around since the summer.

Have you not noticed the form of Yossi Benayoun (two assists on Saturday, three goals against Burnley)? Dirk Kuyt has also been weighing in with goals and assists, as usual, not to mention the flying start to the season from Glen Johnson.

Change the record, eh?"

This week he's having a pop again, and in classic playground told-you-so style, cites the defeat to Fiorentina as evidence that he was right.

And he clearly doesn't like people questioning his judgement:

"Maybe the so-called fans who suggest I was talking out of my a*** are not so critical now."
Well Stan, this so-called fan is just as critical of your latest dose of drivel.

Instead of taking cheap shots at the club you once played for and giving us cut and paste arguments about its flaws, why not offer something different to what's already out there?

How about a positive analysis on what Benayoun can provide different to Liverpool's other midfielders? Or why Albert Riera needs to step up his game?

You know, something that makes interesting reading, something that shows some research and thinking has gone into it.

But that doesn't get hits does it Stan? It doesn't fire people up like myself who are sick to the back teeth of reading lazy journalism. And the main thing - it doesn't get people talking about YOU, does it Stan?