Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stan Collymore "HASN'T" got an anti-Liverpool FC agenda

GIVEN Stan Collymore's recent contributions in the media you could be forgiven for thinking he's got a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Liverpool FC.

From wild suggestions that Jose Mourinho should replace Rafa Benitez (completely ignoring the financial plight at the club) to his Liverpool "spies" telling him Javier Mascherano wants to leave, he's spouted some right bollocks in his Mirror column lately.

Not that him using that particular medium to have a pop at Liverpool is a new thing – ask Tony Barrett.

So I decided it was high time to ask the question: "Has Stan Collymore got an anti-Liverpool FC agenda?"

No, says Daily Mirror sports editor Dan Silver, in reply to my letter of complaint.

He said:

"I'm sorry you don't like Stan's recent columns, but I can assure you that there is no anti-Liverpool agenda. Stan's column is very much a platform for his opinions, and as such he is free to write about whatever he sees fit. Being an ex-Liverpool player - and genuine fan of the club - it's only natural he writes more about Liverpool. And given that the club are enduring a poor run of results at the moment, it's also only natural that some of these pieces address problems. I'm sure if you look back through our archives you will find many positive pieces about the club as well.
Furthermore, Stan is renowned for saying what he thinks in his column, and as such it is popular with a large number of football fans whether they agree with what he is saying or not.
And I'm sure you'll agree that there's plenty of other Liverpool-centric content in the Daily Mirror - and on - to more than satisfy fans of the club."

Hmm...he's a genuine fan of the club? You could have fooled me. And is there really a large number of football fans that he is popular with...really?