Sunday, 25 October 2009

Looking in the Mirror is never a pretty sight for Liverpool FC

THE MIRROR has taken some hammer from this blog lately - rightly so.

Just yesterday, I posted the response I received from the paper's sports editor, Dan Silver, when I questioned Stan Collymore's obsession with bashing Liverpool FC in his column.

Well now they're REALLY taking the piss.

Just the other day I was speaking to a season-ticket holding Red of 25 years about the media coverage Liverpool FC receives.

Looking ahead to today's game with Man United, we were joking about the headlines in the Sunday papers. And we remembered how almost every time we faced our hated rivals an attempt to unsettle one of our star players would appear in that morning's paper...

And here we are, 10-15 years on, and it's STILL happening. Manchester United-supporting hacks obviously still rule the Mirror. Well, two words boys...unsubstantiated drivel.

By Simon Mullock
Liverpool fear another season of failure could spark Fernando Torres' departure from Anfield.
Nobody doubts the brilliant Spaniard's commitment to the Anfield cause. But since arriving from Atletico Madrid in a £20 million move 28 months ago even Torres' goal-scoring brilliance has not inspired the Reds to lift a trophy.
There is mounting concern that another barren campaign will prompt the striker's advisers to start pressing for a move to a more successful club.
That would be a body-blow to the Anfield cause. A club insider said: "Fernando is a great lad and a fantastic player. We don't worry about his attitude but the issue will be if rival clubs start making it clear to his advisers that he can win more by joining them.
"He's hungry for success. We don't want to lose him."
Torres has scored 46 goals in 64 games for Liverpool. He is idolised by Liverpool fans and acknowledged as one of the world's finest strikers.
He also signed a new contract at Liverpool in August that ties him to the Anfield cause until 2013. But any hint that he is unfulfilled by life at Liverpool would be seized on by major rivals.
So far in his career the only club honour he's won is the Spanish Second Division title in 2002.