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ROB'S A GOOD 'UN: Fowler celebrates after scoring a penalty against Sydney FC.
Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images AsiaPac

IT'S GOOD to see 'God' hasn't lost his heavenly touch in front of goal.

There was many a sneer when Robbie Fowler headed Down Under to sign for the ridiculously named North Queensland Fury after he was released by Blackburn.

The mockers have tended to focus on the fact that Fowler, 34, will trouser a reported £900,000 over his two years in Townsville.

But when you consider the Liverpool legend, who scored 183 goals in 369 games in his two stints at Anfield, was worth around £30million before he headed for Oz, those critcisms don't really add up - it's a bit of a trek after all.

The Fury, in case you don't know, are one of two brand-new teams in the Aussie A-League and they are tipped to struggle.

And, so far, the tipsters have been proved right. Winless Fury are bottom of the ten-team league having played five, drawn two and lost three.

But that hasn't stopped the Toxteth Terror - Fury's captain - from finding the net.

The number nine (of course) got his third goal for Fury at the weekend, his first from open play in front of the home fans at the Dairy Farmers Stadium (seriously!).

Nice finish though against Brisbane Roar, so much so that Fox Sports's Andy Harper provided proof - if needed - that commentators talking shit is a worldwide phenemenon.

"Class, all class," Harper said of the goal. "Ecclesiastical class."

That's easy for him to say, but it is a decent strike:

And his goal away to Adelaide United at the end of August was none too shabby either...

Fowler opened his account with a coolly taken penalty (fast forward to 3mins, 5secs) at the start of August in a 3-2 defeat to Sydney:

It hasn't all been plain sailing though. The Fury were hammered 5-0 in the middle of August, and God decided it was time to dish out some revenge for taking the piss:

You can take the lad out of Toxteth...

Useful link: North Queensland Fury


Anonymous said...

Robbo, I am an Australian and I find some of the things you have said, although in jest are insulting. I don't have anything against the English as I am first generation Australian, my parents are both from Yorkshire, Middlesborough and Leeds respectively. I am also a Liverpool fan through and through. However, you have said things that I have to comment on. You laugh at the name of the stadium, Dairy Farmers Stadium. Dairy Farmers, for your information is the biggest dairy company over here, and they sponsor the stadium, much like Emirates sponsor the Arsenal home ground. A-League is also one of the fastest rising leagues in the world. Hence Australia's Fifa World Ranking going from 40-odd in the world to 14 in the world. That is an indication that the national setup is not only built on the international contingency, but also the home grown lads. Robbie Fowler is a huge coup for the A-League, but isn't the only coup. You may remember a certain Dwight Yorke playing over here in the inaugural season for Sydney FC. Also Michael Bridge, the former Leeds striker and tipped as the next big thing before a knee injury, also played for Sydney FC. Juninho is another player who played for Sydney FC. There are more and more players who are coming over to Australia and playing in this league now. Australian Football (and not Aussie Rules) has a big, big future.

robbohuyton said...

Ooooh! Take a chill pill my Aussie friend, I have nothing against your league, or Australians! Whatever the reason it is called Dairy Farmers Stadium it's still worthy of taking the piss! Much the same as when Scarborough's ground was called the McCain Stadium and became known as the Theatre of Chips!
Also your huge defence of the A-League isn't very convincing. I've got a mate in Brisbane who tells me the crowds (and the general interest) is second to Aussie Rules. And as for the players you mention, Yorke was what when he played for Sydney - 36? Bridges? He played for Carlisle. And since coming back from Oz plays for MK Dons. I believe former Tranmere striker Chris Greenacre is also over there...I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

I'm also an Aussie. You're right. The A-league has a long way to go but it's a start. It at least gives the game a higher profile here as we try and make inroads into the other codes.
It's great to have Robbie here. I went to the Gold Coast game where Fury were flogged 5-0. Plenty of LFC fans wearing their Reds jersey.
The Fury do seem to be getting stronger as the season progresses as is to be expected in a new team.
Personally, I'm just happy Robbie is putting some goals away and proving the doubters wrong.

random said...

"I've got a mate in Brisbane who tells me the crowds (and the general interest) is second to Aussie Rules."

Most obvious statement I've ever read regarding the differences between AFL and the A-league.

robbohuyton said...

Random - er, nice one, thanks for adding that superb contribution. I was stating the obvious due to the over-reaction of Anon 1.

The point of the piece was to show Robbie is doing well - and that i'm glad that he is doing so - not for a debate about the fuckin' A-League!

Anonymous said...

Go'ed Robbo lad

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