Wednesday, 9 September 2009


SO, finally - after 1,563 days in custody - common sense has prevailed and Michael Shields has been released.

For any normal football fan it is a moment to rejoice, no matter what team you support.

It remains a travesty that it took so long to happen, almost inexplicable when you look at the evidence.

The Liverpool fan from Edge Hill has lost four years of his life while his family have been put through torture, not only by their son's situation, but by Government red tape and brain-dead morons who, amongst other things, burnt the family car and threatened to kidnap their daughter.

Let's hope the Shields family can now return to some kind of normality and Michael can get on with living his life - and supporting Liverpool FC.

Of course, that's not the end of it for the rest of the world - and question one is, when is Jack Straw going to give us a straight answer as to why it took so long?

His rhetoric so far just doesn't ring true.

Basically, he claims that in a meeting at the end of August, the family revealed for the first time that another man (you know who) admitted the attempted murder of Martin Georgiev to them - and in front of independent witnesses.

Apparently, this has taken four years to come to light - and as soon as it did Straw acted.

Anyone else think there's some bending of the truth along the way to suit the Government story?

Straw added: "I will not set out in this statement all the evidence that has come to light over the last two weeks but suffice it to say that there is very good reason to believe I was being told the truth. This in my view profoundly changed the credibility of the various accounts of what actually happened in this case."

Well the man in question has made a statement admitting the crime before - and through a solicitor.

But Straw, when quizzed by journalists about this today, stumbled his way through an unconvincing argument - banging on about some crucial facts being wrong and the situation under which that written confession was made.

It hardly set the record straight.

Then Straw claimed to be "astonished" when the Shields family told of the verbal confession which he says they "blurted out" in a meeting in his constituency in Blackburn two weeks ago.

The oral confession was said to have happened on 22 July 2005, a day after the start of Michael’s trial in Bulgaria.

So the Shields family had NEVER mentioned this to their legal team, their MP, the police in four years?

Surely they would have exhausted every possible angle, gone over every possible scenario to secure the release of their son?

It doesn't add up and, if Straw and co have cocked up, they should say so.

At least now Michael is free, that is the main thing.

But let's not now forget that there is another man that needs to be facing the Bulgarian courts. Georgiev deserves justice too.

Back to the start of this post, and I mentioned that Michael's release is a victory for any "normal" football fan.

Unfortunately, there's plenty of people around who appear far from normal.

I really don't understand what possesses people to turn Michael Shields' release into a reason to slag off Scousers.

And before people post it, yes, I'm aware Liverpool has it's own supporters who are far from normal, people who mock the Munich disaster and so on.

I don't understand them either.

But really, what is the thought process? What makes you want to post stuff like this?

The Times:

jem - wrote:
what? did he get six mates to admit it was them instead?
September 9, 2009 10:38 AM BST

BBC 606 site:

posted 36 Minutes Ago

scousers are always guilty of something

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comment by RYAN_SOLIHULL_BLUENOSE (U10890740)

posted 29 Minutes Ago

Steeeeeeeeeeevie gerrrrrraardddddd

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comment by superstuartfleetwood (U2955905)

posted 24 Minutes Ago

Terrible news, now when I attempt to murder someone I can expect to be in jail for about 3 years.

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comment by LeeCarsleysFridge (U13099046)

posted 5 Minutes Ago

Yet another thing for the filth... I mean community of Liverpool to hug each other about.

comment by Bugar Di Fino (U1940417)

posted 1 Hour Ago

Have they put the claim in for compensation yet?

comment by Those were the days my friends. (U14085277)

posted 23 Minutes Ago

Check me cars still got four cars gone !

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I'm sure there's worse out there. Why? What does it achieve, what is the point?

In my eyes, other than making you look like a grade A, ignorant, bigoted, ill-educated c***, it achieves nothing.

Anyway, good luck Michael.


Anonymous said...

Ignore 'em, they're not worth the time of day mate.

Rich said...

You missed one out Robbo.


"Disgusitng news I firmly believe in tougher sentances for criminals especially murdering scouse cunts." - Judge and Jury, London
posted around 1 hour, 47 minutes ago

Actually took issue with an Everton fan earlier who started spouting the murderer line and started going on about Bulgaria Day. Decided to call his bluff and ask if he wanted an invite to Portugal Day. He started kicking off saying that it was sick that we'd do that. People in glass houses and all that.

These idiots writing behind faceless aliases have blatantly overlooked a quote by Jack Straw earlier today about Michael's innocence.

If he really was guilty then Mr Straw must be on the take because he said: "I have no interest in keeping someone who is innocent behind bars."

That lad is a credit to his friends, family, the club and the city of Liverpool. Every time you saw his parents speaking publicly you could see the determination and belief in their faces. Anyone who spoke to them in person will testify that it wasn't an act or putting on a brave face.

Absolutely mate up about this and hope that the lad will now be allowed to get his life back on track.

Enjoy your first day of freedom as an innocent man Michael. You deserve it after four years of hell and injustice.

Walk on

Ian L said...

Absolutely great news - delighted for his family as well, who have conducted themselves with real dignity and honour.

Interesting to see Jack Straw confirm what anyone who has followed the case knew all along, that he is innocent.

With that in my back pocket, I would now sue the Bulgarian authorities for unlawful arrest, imprisoment and defamation of my good name.

You see, unlike most of the idiots who post these attacks on Michael Shields, I have some experience of working in Bulgaria and how Bulgaria works.

It's a former communist country that still thinks and acts like its nothing has changed.

To give you an idea, the fella we were working with in Bulgaria had an attempt on his life and his business partner was shot dead the year before. All in the name of business. The Mafia is huge over there.

And all this at the time Bulgaria was attempting to join the EU and there were grave concerns that its human rights records, corruption and independence of the judiciary weren't up to scratch for a country that wanted to join the old boys' club.

Something Michael Shields has found out for himself.

Dave Molyneux said...

It's good news for the lad and i'm really happy for him

Pity he's been used as a political hot potato for the last 4 and a half years between Jack Straw and his new EU chums in Bulgaria.

Fucking disgraceful how they can treat such people in the way Shields has been treated just so they don't have to 'lose face' becasue a possible new allie says so.

Chin up Michael

Anonymous said...

And Straw's sudden move has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Shields' dad reportedly thinking about standing against him in Blackburn.

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