Wednesday, 20 May 2009


WHEN Sammy Lee turned out for an interview with the media a couple of weeks back instead of Rafa Benitez, I was glad.

Glad that the boss and the club had decided to call time on the pointless game of insult tennis with Alex Ferguson.

By sending out Sammy, who spoke well and performed the necessary duties before returning to the bowels of Anfield, it left Fergie floundering.

He had nothing to bat back. Now he'd have to sit down and dream up another gesture or such like.

Or so I thought.

But off we go again. Stirred up by the media of course, who are squeezing every last column inch out of this 'feud'.

Like most Liverpool fans, I think Ferguson isn't being portrayed in the right light.

After all, he's the one seeing things no-one else could see (apart from 'Big Sam'). He's the one going about the 4-1 defeat to us at Old Trafford on the day United won the league.

He's the one sticking his oar in about Steven Gerrard winning the Football Writers' award (it should have been Vidic, apparently).

And he's the one admitting that his motivating factor for all these years has to been to beat Liverpool and that next year, if they win their 19th title, that will be the sweetest.

And yet, it's Rafa who is the bad guy for not congratulating Ferguson for winning the league!

Well, why should he, you might say - and I can understand why you would say that. But he should of.

He should of, because he should have known where it was going. Bite your tongue, be the big man and say 'well done'.

Then, like when Sammy gave the press conference, Fergie and his merry men of the media are left, racquets poised, for the return that never comes back over the net.

Now, Rafa has got to put the shutters up. Straight bat the questions about Fergie, about Manchester United, in fact about anything not to do with Liverpool FC.

Because this summer, he's got some work on his hands. It's a big opportunity.

Forget about what everyone else will do, what they will spend and who they will buy - let's sort out OUR business.

Rewind to last year - Rafa got it wrong, frittering over £30million as Robbie Keane, Andrea Dossena, Philip Deggen, David N'Gog and Albert Riera wiped their feet on the Anfield welcome mat.

Only Bert is guaranteed to still have coat hook come August.

This summer, we need quality not quantity. It's time to forget bacon face, and bring home the er, bacon.

So sign some quality, boost the bench, get another matchwinner and blank out you know who - it's what most Reds are doing right now anyway...

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Dave Molyneux said...

Taggart talks about respect constantly when coming out with some of his classics, but I do have a few things to say about that cunt!

Scudamore (another Taggart bezzy) recently commented about the mancs being the most professional club in football after it has emerged they are gonna play a team of 6 year olds against Hull and basically guarantee Newcastle be relegated.

Now, maybe Taggart and his bum chums can tell me about the Alleged rapes, assaults, missing drug tests, bullying players, diving, Kicking female stewards, cheating constantly disrespecting referees, calling them cunts and telling them to fuck off right to their faces … yeah, the most professional club in football indeed

As regards us, I don’t think we need that many players. Glenn Johnson – I’ll take. He’s superb as I feel arbeloa has been caught out of position too many times this season (As Carragher pointed out to him the other day). Another quality forward to compliment Torres (and I don’t mean to tell him his barnet looks nice) would do as well

Either way, we're getting closer

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