Friday, 10 April 2009


TIT: Andy Gray laughed when Liverpool conceded against Chelsea

THERE'S no helping some people is there?

You've got one of the most highly-respected coaches in the world. The best striker in the world, the best midfielder in the world and you're in the title race with seven games to go.

Throw in an unbeaten home record in the Premier League and most goals scored - all on a budget which doesn't stand up to your main rivals, who, by the way, are among the top five clubs in the world.

So you're happy right? And if you lost ONE game inside 90 minutes you wouldn't turn on your manager and demand he is sacked would you?

Well that's what some small-minded fools did last night.

Minutes after an expensively assembled Chelsea side led by a world-class manager had won 3-1 at Anfield with an almost faultless display, these morons were dialling Talk Sport and Sky Sports to call for the head of Benitez.


Yes, Liverpool were below par but there's times when you just have to hold your hands up, say well done and move on.

And that time was last night. Chelsea were on fire. One of their fans confirmed as much to me earlier today, describing the performance as their best in the last two years.

It's just not possible to win all the time, on demand. Ask Alex Ferguson.

To suggest anything different is like suggesting Andy Gray is slim, impartial and entertaining.

Now it's important to move on - fast. We need to ram "Big" Sam Allardyce's mocking about "whinging and moaning" back down his throat with a win against Blackburn to put the pressure back on United in the league.

Playing our very own Big Sam(i) is a must as the man with the biggest head in football is certain to resort to his trademark tactics - lump it to the big man up front, likely to be 6ft 5ins Chris Samba (yes, the defender).

I don't care how we win that one, it can be uglier than Iain Dowie, we just have to win and then pray for another wobble from not-so-invincible United.

As for the second leg of the Champions League quarter final with Chelsea, of course I'd love it (love it) if we beat them. But by three clear goals? Just can't see it.

The eternal optimists who live in forum world are already trotting out the predictable mentions of Istanbul, tripping themselves up to type "believe" first.

Sorry, I don't. It's (if you'll excuse the pun) a Bridge too far.

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Dave Molyneux said...

Ah, the fickles are out in force again eh? Goang of fucking knobheads

Chelsea, it has to be said, were stunning. The best team in the world (man u if you believe some of their dickhead fans) couldn't have beaten them on Wednesday

Your right though - get your heads back up, move on and get training on set pieces

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