Sunday, 5 April 2009


SO what exactly is there to feel down about?

Every media outlet is telling me I should be slitting my wrists while gloating glory-hunters mock away on the internet.

But why?

It's as you were in the Premier League, we need the Mancs to slip up. It's Chelsea again in the Champions League quarter finals on Wednesday.

We are in good form, top scorers in the league and in the stage of the season when we are traditionally at our strongest under Rafa Benitez.

Most importantly, with seven games left, we're in with a chance of the title.

If you'd offered me that at the start of the season I'd have snapped your hand off.

Forget what's gone on since, at the start of the season the task for Benitez was to get closer to winning the league. To see in the New Year with number 19 still a possibility. And to start getting results against our Big Four rivals.

So in that respect, it's job done.

No Red with an ounce of football knowledge seriously expected us to win the league at the start of the campaign.

Of course, now we are so close, things are different.

But the fact remains it's the Mancs' title to lose. Of course, they nearly slipped up for a third game in a row today.

They struggled against a team we swept aside 5-0 and were a scuffed Ronaldo shot and a dream debut goal away from getting beat.

So there's still reasons to be cheerful.

I still believe there's been a shift in the sands since we blew Fergie's boys away at Old Trafford - look at how Villa started today.

Teams are finally going to Stretford believing they can win, and not just rolling over for a tickle.

United still have the added distraction of the FA Cup, a semi-final which is looking more difficult by the day against Everton.

And as Fulham proved, games that people write off as an easy win for United don't always prove that way.

Look at the fixtures, there's plenty of potential for slips ups - for both clubs.

So unlike limp-wristed Lawro, I'm not throwing in the towel. And neither, I'd guess, will Gerrard, Carragher, Mascherano and the rest.

So let the glories gloat - bite your tongue, be gracious, and just think: How sweet would be it be if they throw it all away?

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Dave Molyneux said...

That picture is fantastic mate.

Good buzz around at the moment isn’t there? (Recent form, Rafa, Gerrard & Kuyt all agreeing new deals, pushing the mancs hard & Yossi’s late winner)

Plus if you add the fact that the mancs conceded 2 goals to a shite team like Villa only shows that they are ‘wobbling’ a bit.

I mentioned it a few weeks back about these pundits you get on Five Live and Sky going on about the mancs still going on to win the league after they lost 2 games to us then Fulham, but yesterday was fucking unbelievable. Andy Gray described Ronaldo as the grrrrrrrrrrrrreatest player in the world while emptying his full load over his microphone and Alan Green came out with his usua “Liverpool threw it away at home to man City”. Change the fucknig record will ye?

Was also made up for Yossi on Saturday as he’s a decent player who knows how to get into good positions at the right time.

Finally: I see Taggart came out and spoke to the press yesterday as well. Ahhh, poor little lad has got his dummy and rattle back I see?

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