Thursday, 27 August 2009


1993 - the Czech Republic is born, Bill Clinton becomes president of America, Oasis are signed to Creation Records and QVC is launched.

In other news, Manchester United win the league.

It was our rival's first 'Premier League' title - but what is more significant is how they started the season - losing two of the first four games and crashing to six defeats during the campaign.

Of course my point is that three games into a 38-game season is not the time to start writing off a team's chances of winning the league.

Not that it's stopped anyone.

Ironically, no team has ever won the Premier League after losing just two games - and don't we know it.

Turns out, a much more fashionable number of defeats is five. So that's alright then...


1992-93 - Man Utd - Six defeats

1993-94 - Man Utd - Four defeats

1994-95 - Blackburn - Seven defeats

1995-96 - Man Utd - Six defeats

1996-97 - Man Utd - Five defeats

1997-98 - Arsenal - Six defeats

1998-99 - Man Utd - Three defeats

1999-00 - Man Utd - Three defeats

2000-01 - Man Utd - Six defeats

2001-02 - Arsenal - Three defeats

2002-03 - Man Utd - Five defeats

2003-04 - Arsenal - No defeats

2004-05 - Chelsea - One defeat

2005-06 - Chelsea - Five defeats

2006-07 - Man Utd - Five defeats

2007-08 - Man Utd - Five defeats

2008-09 -Man Utd - Four defeats

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Anonymous said...

Good point but theres no disputing that Rafa has to get his finger out and perhaps shave his goatee?

Some of his tactics have left me bewildered but lets hope this is a season long Istanbul-Style victory in the Premier League.

The first flag after a hiatus is always the hardest!

Applies to Man Ure, Blackburn (by the skin of their noses), Arsenal & Chelsea.

As much I hate to use cliches "its a marathon not a sprint"

Even if we have a bad season its not the time to sack Rafa. Where would Man Ure be if they made the same decision with Sore Alex ?

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