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Mail on Sunday, March 22, 2009

FORGET a squeaky bum - after watching Liverpool destroy Aston Villa 5-0 without ever reaching top gear, Alex Ferguson's rear end will be parping like a Mersey ferry.

The sour Scot could body double for a Ribena berry right now - the more it goes wrong, the purpler he gets.

Gone is the yawning seven-point advantage his Manchester United held over Liverpool just over a week ago. Gone is the goal difference - from plus 11 in favour of Fergie's side, to plus two in favour of Liverpool.

And the best is - gone is Fergie's focus. The pressure is getting to him and his players - big time.

Ferguson's gone from nonchalantly shrugging off Rafa's 'rant' to ordering staff at United to check whether he's spent more than the Spaniard.

He's also childishly revealed his list of the best Premier League managers - omitting Benitez.

And, best of all, he is refusing to speak to the media after matches. Cracking up? Think so!

On the pitch, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are behaving like a pair of spoilt brats, officials are finally giving decisions against United (a consequence of the Rafa 'rant' perhaps?!) and they look highly beatable.

And how nice to see super Danny Murphy rolling back the years to sink Man United - he even found time to seek out Fergie at the end and shake his hand - nice touch!

It's time Fergie showed some respect for Rafa

Meanwhile, at the right end of the M62, life couldn't get much better for Benitez and every Liverpool fan right now. The manager's contract signed, Rick Parry on his way out and 13 goals in three games against quality opposition.

Aside from a magnificent result, there were lots of positives to take from the latest display of Liverpool's hot streak of form.

BERTIE GLEE: Riera celebrates his spectacular strike

Albert Riera had his best game for the club, visibly growing in confidence, tormenting the Villa defence all day and hammering in a thunderous finish for Liverpool's second.

Pepe Reina pulled off a world-class save and yet again demonstrated what a powerful weapon his flawless distribution can be while Steven Gerrard - well he was just Steven Gerrard - world class.

And all this without the usual contribution from Fernando Torres who had a very quiet game.

So after 12 days of bliss, we're daring to dream. Not even the most optimistic of Reds could have predicted the last three results. And not even the most pessimistic could fail to be impressed by them.

Now we can only hope this devastating form isn't interrupted by an ill-timed international break.

It's still up to the Mancs to throw the title away of course, but if they do, we've got to be there to catch it. And what better way to knock them off balance than by returning to league action against Fulham a week on Saturday and claiming all three points?

That would put Liverpool top - two points clear - with United then having two games in hand and first off facing Villa at home on the Sunday.

Seeing the Reds top again would really have us dreaming of number 19 but how realistic are our chances?

As ever it's hard to say - but it seems Fergie isn't the only one with a sweaty rear end right now.

No, twitchy bookmakers are also staining their shorts at the prospect of the Reds getting back on their perch.

After the 4-1 mauling of the Mancs was followed by the 5-0 thumping of Villa, the odds for Steven Gerrard getting to grips with the Premier League trophy were slashed from 20-1 to just 3-1.

But what I want to know is - what price a Murphy own goal giving Liverpool victory at Craven Cottage?

That really would send Fergie's blackcurrant tribute act into overdrive!

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Dave Molyneux said...

Blackcurrant tribute act!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha, genius mate. Love that picture as well. It’s the picture of Mascha in the background playing the part of James Caan (Cozzy) that makes me laugh. You could just picture Mascha with a little switch blade down his sock!!

We were absolutely stunning yesterday, we were good against the mancs, but that was the best league performance by a long shot. Everything just seems right at the moment and for once: not a peep from the 2 yanks which makes a pleasant surprise. Let’s hope it stays that way as it topped off a brilliant week for us.

Riera’s goal was goal of the month. Not the biggest fan of him as I think he’s prone to being a bit lazy, but yesterday his all round game was superb.

Gerrard player of the year? He was outstanding yesterday (maybe him and his mates should twat more dickhead media craving manc DJ’s more often)!!! Hahaha

Made up for Danny Murphy by the way with what was quite possibly the best penalty I’ve seen in ages (top right hand corner – Barry Manilow had no chance saving that one)

As for them horrible bastards Rooney & Ronaldo: how the fuck did that greasy haired prick stay on the pitch? Quite unbelievable! And Rooney: hahahaha, what a petulant little fucking cunt!! Titheads like them 2 pricks and other wankers like Giggs, Snoop Dog, Neville and of course Taggart claim to love the game so much. I have a question for them: if you love the game so much, why don’t you pay it some fucking respect???????? Dickheads!!!

Quote of the week has gotta be Rafa’s response to some Sky reporter when he asked him about the manc’s result at Fulham, he said: “good win for Fulham”. Hahahaha, feeling the love for Rafa again. He can be a funny bastard sometimes

Let’s hope we can keep this up as it was pointed out to me yesterday that if we do win number 19 it will finish off Taggart and the rest of his cuntish players who have infected this great game of ours!!!

New era, anyone?

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