Tuesday, 10 March 2009


SUPERB, slick, stunning.

Just three words that could describe tonight's magnificent performance against Madrid.

So where did that come from?!

Well don't look at me - I don't know! I'm not complaining though.

After watching the first leg in Spain, I felt Madrid were there for the taking - but no-one could have predicted Liverpool dishing out the nine-times European champions' biggest ever hammering in Europe.

Everything that could go right, did go right. There wasn't a poor performance amongst the boys in Red.

And it was the perfect start. We were at their throats from the kick off and Real, the form team in Europe remember, couldn't cope.

The Reds were fast, inventive and Nando was on fire. Not many players do what he did to Cannavaro, even if he is now 35.

While Torres and Gerrard will rightly take the plaudits for their superb contributions, it was the periphal players' performances that also warmed the heart.

Ryan Babel, disappointment of the season so far, all of a sudden looked a player - he was prepared to take on the defenders at every opportunity and he delivered in the final third - including the perfect ball for Gerrard's latest picture-book goal.

Even Dossena popped up with the fourth and Jay Spearing (finally) got a run.

Notably, and not surprisingly for anyone who's watched the reserves or the youth team in the last few years, he didn't look out of his depth.

But the million-dollar question is - how can Liverpool perform so well against Real Madrid and so badly against Middlesbrough?

It was total extreme - from the worst performance of the season to the best - in 11 days.

I haven't got the answers - although I'd speculate that there's been a 'clear the air' meeting somewhere along the line because every single player was fired up for this game.

Mascherano, in particular, was like a man possessed, suddenly finding his shooting boots to use alongside his wrecking ball.

What a shame he'll miss the quarter-final first leg because of fussy refereeing - I'd have swapped keeping him for that dodgy penalty any day of the week!

Fact is though, Liverpool found the sweet spot tonight - if it wasn't for Iker Casillas Los Blancos could easily have shipped five, six or seven goals.

If there's a more perfect way to prepare for Manchester United away I'd like to know what it is - a win at OT might not win us the league - but it would put a huge smile on every Liverpool fan in the world - Come On You Reds!


Dave Molyneux said...

Amazing performance mate, absolutely stunning and I’m fucking made up with not only the result, but the way we played. Straight from the off we were like a pack of wolves running at them and hunting them down.

I know there wasn’t a bad player on the pitch, but particular praise must go to Babel & Kuyt I think. They both ran their bollocks off ALL night making runs and frightening the life out of 2 of the best defenders in the world: Ramos (Jar Jar Binks) and Cannavarro. But, the difference between them playing bad in the premiership to playing well in Europe is that they have space to run. The premiership is full of yard dog defenders who can’t wait to clip their ankles at the first attempt. Europe is more ‘cultured’ in its football compared to the 6000 miles per hour premiership

Was also made up Spearing got a game. Heard so much about him from several mates of mine and their comments were proved right.

Finally, Lucas no longer looks like my Bird’s nephew, Harvey he looks like a young Roger Daltrey!! Perfect substitute don’t you think? Hahaha

Bring on The Rapists!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the difference was Torres being in the side. His presence seemed to lift the other players then his performance on the pitch inspired them.
Sounds like fuckin Motty la!

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