Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'VE bit my tongue for weeks about our good friends from across the park but now David Moyes has gone too far.

While 'Rafa Benitez watching' has become a national sport and every comment, team selection and substitution comes under the severest of scrutiny, it seems other managers can do what they like.

Rafa, according to Bluenoses and our best mates from down the M62, is "cracking up" apparently.

Yep, putting your team in contention for the title and questioning a whinger who makes up his own rules is a sure sign of madness...apparently.

But lashing your padded coat into the crowd and refusing to answer perfectly reasonable questions from the media while pulling a bizarre face in the process? That's obviously a textbook example of sanity.

That's exactly what David Moyes has been up to in the last few weeks so where's the media backlash? Why isn't every person remotely connected to the club wheeled out to give his two penneth about this odd behaviour?

And, if any more evidence was needed that Moyes is losing his marbles, what about his latest genius comments? Now wait for it - according to the Ginger One, Tony Hibbert and Leon Osman - well, they are like Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard!

He said: "They are our equivalent of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, if you want to put it that way. They are local boys and know what is required."

Call me biased, bitter or whatever else you fancy, but I'm sorry, they are nothing like! Not in ability, not in influence, not in terms of honours or monetary value.

Even if you to disregard the ridiculous comparison to Liverpool players, Hibbert and Osman are not even Everton's best players. Arteta, Jagielka, Lescott, Cahill - all are infinitely better.

So who's cracking up now?

And while we are on the subject of other team's managers, why is no-one saying anything about Arsene Wenger?

Arsenal were tipped as title contenders at the start of the season. Now they sit fifth, 12 points behind leaders Manchester United, who also have a game in hand on the Gunners.

So where's the sniping at Wenger, who, by the way, last won a trophy in 2005 (the FA Cup)?

Wenger who has blew £16million on Andrei Arshavin - a 27-year-old.

And Wenger who, without Cesc Fabregas, has seen his side struggle - over-reliance on one player anyone?

Benitez baiters it's over to you - answers on a postcard.

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Dave Molyneux said...

Good point about Taggart skipper. If you believe every paper that is biased towards the Rapists down the M62 Ferguson is capable of alchemy!!! No one mentions that he still won’t speak to half a dozen independent journalists after they asked him ‘stupid’ questions. He treats some of them like Captain Mannaring speaks to Private Pike in Dad’s Army!! But, he’s perfectly sane if you watch Sly Manc News or read the Daily Manc though isn’t he??!!

As for Moyes, I don’t get the fella. I mean, I don’t dislike him, but when comparing him to other managers, he seems like that meff who used to hang around everyone in school with his jaaag Diamond Pringle on and a pair of Grey Farrah!!

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