Tuesday, 2 December 2008


AT the risk of sounding like Swiss Toni, supporting a football team is very much like making love with a beautiful woman.
No, I haven't lost it. But, after a night of frustration watching Liverpool labour against West Ham, I took a step back.
Like most Reds, I was tearing my hair out as the Hammers parked up the coach and sat inside, faces pressed against the window giving us the middle finger as Stevie Gerrard and co tried to push the thing out of the way of the goal.
And the moment my fellow Huytonian swung an air shot at the ball, I knew it wasn't our night. So it proved, and cue the predictable histrionics.
But now, a few hours later, with the coach gone, it's time to look on the bright side.
Now, I could reel off the over the top positivity that you get on certain forums out there.
The places where you are shot down in flames for suggesting that maybe, just maybe, Yossi Benayoun is, er, a bit shit actually.
Or, I could rant and rave about six points dropped at home, lack of quality, a worrying flimsyness to the squad, over reliance on Gerrard etc etc etc
But no, I don't want to do either.
What I want to do is say we are top of the league. And that's like making love to a beautiful woman. Because like that, you'll find fault eventually.
You could be shacked up with Kelly Brook, but 10 years on you'd have thought at some point, you know what, I HATE that spot on her arse!
It's the same for a footie fan. You put so much time and effort into supporting a team, you'll find fault about something - even if you're winning everything under the sun.
We're not doing that of course - yet. But the point is, supporters of every one of the 19 teams sitting below us right now are looking up and thinking 'Bastards, wish that was us'.
They're not thinking about the quality of displays, the depth of the squad or the petulance of Robbie Keane.
Nope, they're thinking 'I want some of that'. And that, I'd guess, is pretty much the reaction you'd get if you rocked into your local with Kelly Brook on the arm!