Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Texans - a true rant...

IT'S been a while - and it's all been good.
So I fear I may struggle - I think I'm at my best when ranting. But what's there to rant about?
Wins over Manchester United and Everton in the bag without barely breaking sweat.
Two Champions League wins under our belts. Fernando Torres looking sharp and Robbie Keane finally, and deservedly, off the mark. Even Dirk Kuyt is playing well...
So what's there to rant about?
Well, I tell you what there is to rant about - the Yanks.
The odd couple are spoiling my season. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have missed a game. But, after finding out I didn't have a season ticket for the first time in 10 campaigns, I shrugged and thought, I'll just buy tickets again.
But, since I last bought tickets, fan cards have been introduced. You need one to have a hope in hell of getting a ticket.
I haven't got a fancard because I took over other people's season tickets. No fancard - next to no chance of a ticket.
And whereas you could pick up this much maligned bit of plastic for a few quid last season, this season you can't.
No - thanks to the Yanks, you now to have pay £30 for an 'Official Liverpool FC Membership'. That's 30 notes for the CHANCE of getting a ticket. And - 'coming soon - the chance to joing the season ticket waiting list'.
Well, I've been on that since 1995 so what am I paying for?
So, I'm refusing. I'm not coughing up. It's my mini protest. Why should I line the pockets of George Gillett and Tom Hicks? Why should I give them another 30 notes towards the debt they created in the first place?
So now I'm (not very successfully so far) on the scrounge for tickets.
I did, however, blag one for the Manchester United game and joined in the Spirt of Shankly march to the ground, protesting against Gillett and Hicks.
It was well attended and well organised. But what was remarkable was the people who just watched. Or clapped.
Why didn't they join in? Is there really a Liverpool FC fan out there who endorses what Gillett and Hicks are doing?
These people had managed to get up early enough to shove ale, curry and chips down their grid before a early kick off.
So why not live a bit longer by ditching the heart attack breakfast and showing the Yanks you care?
One thing's for sure - they don't. The sheer cheek of everything they have done never ceases to amaze - you really couldn't make it up.
This pair of Texans (don't laugh) ride into town, promise silverware, a new stadium and no debt.
And I quote from the inital announcement in February 2007: "We have purchased the club with no debt on the club," said Gillett.
"They have made clear their intention to move as quickly as practicable on the financing and construction of our proposed new stadium at Stanley Park and also to support investment in the playing squad," said Rick Parry.
The pair took it further, promising the now infamous "spade in the ground within 60 days".
Now the club is an estimated £365 million in debt; there's no sign of a stadium and the owners continually undermine Rafa Benitez's efforts in the transfer market.
Then there's:
  • Hicks admitting they spoke to Jurgen Klinsmann about replacing Rafa Benitez
  • Hicks sitting by the fire with a LFC mug and calling Rick Parry 'a disaster' - days after the anniversary of Hillsborough.
  • The non-signing of Gareth Barry saga.
Need I go on? Now I know things are going well ON the pitch, but let's not forget the problems OFF it. Unfortunately it seems some people have.
If you're feeling suitably ashamed by now - good. Now join the supporters' union:
And the next time there's a march - ditch the chippy and join in. Some of you out there need the exercise...