Monday, 19 May 2008

One foot in, one foot out

SILLY season has started. Sports editors across the land are cramming in transfer tales ranging from the informed to the unfounded.

Here’s hoping the Stewart Downing to Liverpool is one of the latter.

OK, he’s got a decent left foot. So has John Arne Riise. So why let one go to buy the other?

Downing’s got a few more goals in him than the Norwegian but so have most players in the Premiership. So have most players full stop.

As any Liverpool fan is acutely aware, Riise’s limitations were cruelly exposed in the Champions League semi final.

He had so little faith in his right foot that he tried an impossible header. And we all know what happened next.

Being able to use both feet is almost a pre-requisite for a top-flight footballer these days – Kevin Sheedy wouldn’t get a sniff.

From what I’ve seen of Downing, he’s all one foot, his repertoire of skills is limited and he doesn’t strike me as the gut-busting type.

And apparently Middlesbrough want £12m. And that’s for someone who has struggled to establish themselves at international level.

I’ve heard of inflated prices – but one foot for £12m?!

Let’s hope this is one story that can be put down to summer speculation.