Monday, 28 April 2008

Look who's talking...

So John Terry has branded Liverpool fans "horrible".
Am I the only one thinking 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black'? The England defender decided to have a pop at Reds supporters in his programme notes for Chelsea's match with Manchester United.
His rant read: "I've got to say that the stick us players took from their fans was horrible, but I'm sure every Chelsea fan will give it back to them on Wednesday night.
"We've heard about their fans around the last two semi-finals and how the second leg at Anfield is to their advantage.
"Well, I'll tell you what I think. Our fans are just as great as theirs when the game's a big one."
Er, Ok, John let's start with the "horrible" bit.
Despite his claims for the England captaincy, Terry is a man who was fined by his club in 2001 for drunkenly harrassing grieving American tourists in the immediate aftermath of September 11.
Pretty horrible.
He was also involved in a nightclub incident with then Chelsea team mate Jody Morris. He was charged with assault and affray but later cleared. So maybe I shouldn't pass any judgement.
Then there's the tabloid tales - there's been many.
Oh, and I haven't even mentioned his performances on the pitch. Ranting at referees, scowling at opponents - hardly Paolo Maldini is it?
So, before you go bandying phrases like 'horrible' around, John, I'd have a think.
And, secondly, "our fans are just as great as theirs when the game's a big one." Really? I doubt that's a view shared at Stamford Bridge, never mind anywhere else.
I mean, Liverpool FC officials have never felt the need to hand their fans plastic flags before a game to generate support, have they?
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there will be a great atmosphere on Wednesday night.
But do Chelsea fans really need John Terry to get them into gear for the second leg of a European Cup semi final?
If they do, there's something seriously wrong.

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Anonymous said...

The enduring image for me of that semi-final will be the MC on the pitch when the teams came out that Chelsea hired to hype up the fans, and the masses waving their free issue plastic flags. Even Chelsea fans would admit that was pretty pathetic.

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